Sisters Tea House Field Investigation
Sisters Tea House  Fenton, MO
July 25, 2003
505 Main Street, Fenton, MO 63026

Our group was invited to conduct an overnight field investigation at the Tea House.
When we interviewed some of the staff, they told us that they had experienced strange activity. This is a very old historic building. Below is a link to the owner's website with an excellent history of the building.
We set up our equipment and checked out both the first and second floors. Upstairs there were minor spikes on the Tri-Field Meter, but nothing turned up in any of the photos, video or audio tape. Downstairs nothing turned up in the video footage, EMF meters, motion sensors, or photos. One investigator however did capture a female EVP voice in the gift shop. This low level of activity is not uncommon at haunted locations. Investigations of places such as the Lemp Mansion are often hit and miss affairs; some nights are very active, and others reveal no activity at all. I am writing this in 2014. From what I have heard, there are new owners of the Tea House. In the future we will need to contact them to find out if the staff is still experiencing unusual activity, or if they would be interested in a follow up investigation.

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Stairway inside Sisters Tea House
Unknown Female EVP
History of site location
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