St. Vincent's Hospital Ghost Hunt
St. Vincent's Hospital was founded by the Sisters of Charity. It was opened in 1858 as a sanitarium for mental illness.
The Hospital is located in Normandy, Missouri. By the 1940's the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul were maintaining its operations. In recent years the first four floors were converted to apartments, while the 5th and 6th floors have remained closed off. We received permission to investigate this site, particularly the 5th and 6th floors, along with the north and south basements. The stories surrounding the building involve the little boy from the 1949 exorcist case. He also stayed at a private residence across the street from St. Louis University, and at the Alexian Brothers Hospital, but he also received treatment at this facility, where his room was located on the 5th floor. When I set up my equipment in his room, the Tri-Field meter was triggered several times. There are also stories about the ghost of a nun being seen on the stairway between the 5th and 6th floors. During our investigation I experienced several weird events at St. Vincent's. The first was while walking the 5th floor with one of our investigators who possesses psychic abilities. We came to a door at the far end, away from the elevator. She commented "You don't want to go in there". Of course I had to open this door and walk inside. Just after I did there was an extremely loud crashing sound, like something pounding on metal ductwork. When we inspected this area we found nothing that would account for this. The other oddity was all the decapitated bird heads, found on the 5th floor. None of their bodies were found; some were lined up in rows. A predator such as an owl or cat might kill birds, but not remove their heads and line them up like that.
Another oddity occurred while walking along the main corridor of the 5th floor, when something began turning the light on and off.
While in the Basement Greg along with others witnessed a full human apparition that they initially thought was human!
They saw a man who they mistook for a maintenance man, in a tan jacket, when they looked back at him no one was there. Another investigator on the 5th floor noticed footsteps forming in the insulation that was covering the floor!
Below are all the the evidence collected from this former haunted hospital.
Clip 1. In this clip, while returning to the front area on the 5th floor, the lights in the room started turning on and off by themselves. There was no one by the light switches. I have experienced this before. While at a friend's apartment, another man I worked with on ghost hunting arrived. The lights in the kitchen started going on and off by themselves. He said that something had followed him home and was continuing to follow him to other locations.
Clip 2. This is a larger image of the previous video clip.
Clip 3. In this clip you can hear the voices of two male investigators speaking. Also in this clip is another non-human voice which begins to speak just after the sound of the two footsteps are heard.
Clip 4. This was very weird! Throughout the attic along the main walkway were decapitated birds. No sign of the bodies, just the heads. At one spot several heads were lined up in a row, again with no bodies. Any predatory animal would not do this, and the only humans with keys to this floor are the security staff, and they don't like going up there.
Clip 5. In this clip Greg asks me a question, but before I answer something else is heard saying "No".
Clip 6. This was recorded in the basement while no one was down there. At the end of the clip a male voice saying "Yes" can be heard.
Clip 7. In The last video clip Greg captured on his camcorder a female voice saying "Help Me".
The following are audio only clips.
Audio Clip 1. Greg captured this male EVP in the south basement. He challenged it to speak, and it replied.
Audio Clip 2. Recorded by Greg in the north basement. Sounds like it's saying, "I wish you would ask me out". It also sounds female.
Audio Clip 3. This was recorded by Greg. Greg speaks a few words in it, but most of it is a male EVP. Note the human voice is normal and the EVP had a hollow quality to it.
Audio Clip 4. Captured by Jamie is a weak, whispery voice (I think it's male).
Audio Clip 5. Recorded by Jamie. This voice is difficult to understand.
Audio Clip 6. This was also recorded by Jamie. It's a female voice which is  unintelligible.
Audio Clip 7. After Greg stops speaking another voice begins speaking. It sounds female, but I can't tell what it's saying.
The next four clips are non-paranormal footage of interest.

Clip 1. shows the exterior of St. Vincent.
Clip 2. shows the stairway from the 5th and 6th floor, where people have reported seeing the figure of a nun. 
Clip 3. shows the 6th floor.
Clip 4. is footage of the room the boy stayed in before the exorcism. Its worth noting that something in this room did trigger the Tri-Field meter, and the audio is distorted.
I would like to thank all the investigators involved,  and especially the security staff for their help.

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St. Vincent Photographed by Greg
Non-Paranormal Photos
Basement Hallway
Front View
5th Floor Walkway
Side View of Building
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