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Phi Alpha Kappa The Pike Lodge
Pike Lodge Investigation 5/25/2013
Cape Girardeau, MO

This location has a long history. The original Marquette School burned down in 1920. A second school was built in 1924.

There are many stories about who haunts this location. One version says a little girl named Jessica died when she fell through the floor or down a coal scuttle while jumping rope. Other stories tell of a fraternity pledge dying in an accident. We have been unable to verify either story.
Visitors have reported hearing footsteps in the building. Others have mentioned batteries, even the batteries in automobiles parked on the property, being drained.

Most haunted places are accompanied by strong EMF fields. This site is very odd in that almost no EMF fields were documented with one exception, a powerful 19 milliGauss spike that lasted for just one or two seconds. In the video recorded, several good EVP voices were captured. In addition to what is posted, many whispery voices were documented, banging sounds, weird noises, even during the lock down period when no one was allowed inside the building.

In the first video clip, if you listen immediately after I say the name "Jessica" there is a male voice that says "
Cougar" an odd choice of words. In the second video clip, after Greg says "We probably want someone in the furnace room" you can hear a female EVP voice reply, "That's Good!"
In the third video clip, at the very end you can hear a male EVP voice saying "

Orb photos are always the weakest evidence; most of them are due to dust, moisture, or light reflections. I have two photos that don't fall into these categories. The first I captured in the attic
Photo 1577. What is interesting is that there are no reflective surfaces, and the only light source was the camera's flash. It's too bright and solid to be dust. The second Photo was taken by Mike. I can't explain what is the cause of these lights.

This is an audio only clip. It was recorded on a voice recorder by Greg. In it (if I am hearing it correctly) is a male voice saying, "
The Nation's Broke."

I would like to thank all the members of the PTF group, and the Lodge owner for his support and wish him well on his plans for restoration of this historic building.
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