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Over the years we conducted several field investigations at Misty Manor, with the final investigation taking place on August 1, 2009. Sadly this home no longer exists. It had been left unattended when the water pipes froze, flooding the home and causing such damage that the house would eventually be demolished.
People have reported seeing the ghosts of a woman, an Indian and a Scotty dog in the home.
Other activity reported are objects being moved, and the sounds of things falling, yet upon inspection nothing had fallen.
Instead of listing individual investigations of this site, I have broken down all the evidence by type - photographic, EVP audio, and video captures.
I will begin with the Video

Clip 1. "Go Away" EVP. This was recorded in the Basement of the oldest part of this home. Shortly after we arrived at the house I started walking down the hallway leading to this room. I experienced a weird feeling that we weren't welcome, something didn't want us going down there. Its difficult to describe, like something trying to block the way. We spent most of the night in this room because of all the activity. This Clip was recorded shortly before midnight, the last two investigators in the room packed up their cameras and are relocating into another room. At the 8 second point you can hear the whine of the Tri-Field meter starting, its seen sitting illuminated on the barrel. At the 10 second point an EVP male voice saying, "Go Away" is heard as they leave.
Clip 2. Also recorded in the same basement room. At the 3 second point you can hear a nail that was either dropped or thrown hit the ground.
Clip 3. In this clip at the 2 second point a female voice out of nowhere says "Bob."
There was no one named Bob in the house.
Clip 4. When the female investigator asks for a name, at the 4 second point a reply is heard, but I can't identify what is being said.
Clip 5. A whispery voice can be heard at the 1, 5, 9 second points, the last word spoken saying "No".
Clip 6. In this clip you can hear an EVP voice say "i'm good".
You might need headphones to hear this EVP, its weak, and located in the last second of the clip.
Clip 7. While experimenting with an Ovilus voice box, we started hearing this odd ultra high frequency sound in the room, it went on and off over several minutes, we never could find the source. In this clip you can hear it during the first 4 seconds of the clip. You will probably need headphones, most computer speakers can't produce this sound which resembles a capacitor charging up.
Clip 8. This is two clips recorded a few minutes apart spliced together. The reason is that after re-entering the room we noticed a strong musty smell that wasn't present earlier. We left the room to get the Ovilus, an experimental device for EVP work. When we turned it on in dictionary mode it came up with the word smell. This could be a coincidence, Its difficult to evaluate wether this was luck, or something using the voice box to communicate.
In the future these devices need to be extensively tested to see if they are genuinely useful or a hoax, So far I have no opinion on them, I will always prefer genuine EVP voice recordings because they should not exist at all. With devices like the Ovilus radio frequencies might trigger the words from a database, and the sweeping white noise modes might just be pieces of radio stations broadcasts being blended together in sounds that we interpret as words. These problems don't exist with regular EVP voice recordings.
Clip 9. This was recorded in the first floor bathroom during a previous investigation. You can hear water dripping in the sink, and the sound of the Tri-Field meter out in the hall on the floor being triggered.
I have a wide variety of other clips containing the sounds of the Tri-field meter going off, banging and thumping sounds of unknown origin at Misty Manor that are too numerous to post.

These photos we have no explanation for. Photos 1 & 2 were taken by Tom Halstead. Both were taken from the same position in front of the home.
Photo 1 reveals the clear conditions of the night. Notice the bluish fog in Photo 2. There was no fog or any other weather issues on this night. The other activity that could trigger this is smoking, that can also be ruled out. Photo 3 was captured by investigator X, notice the top right on the roof top where another of these blue fogs is present. The other possibility could be a fire in the fireplace, but they had no fire going and the chimney is located at the other end of the house.
Photo 4 was taken by Greg in the kitchen. It shows a human face looking to the right. The photo taken after this one from the same spot in the kitchen was clear with no sign of what had triggered this distortion.
Now for the audio only recordings.
EVP 1 audio. Recorded in the attic room. In the background while the woman is speaking the Voice of a little girl can be heard.
EVP 2 audio. This was also recorded the attic, a male EVP voice can be heard speaking in the background while the woman is talking.
EVP 3 audio. This one is weak and hard to hear. I was outside in the back yard with Tom talking. I had Greg's digital camcorder running when we both heard the sound of a dog barking coming from inside the house. It's immediately before you hear the squeaking sound. I have one observation to make, Tom and I heard very clearly a dog barking, yet there is no dog living in the home, but the owners have also heard this ghost dog in the past emanating from the kitchen area. The sound recorded is both weaker and more mechanical than what we heard. The digital 8 camcorders audio doesn't seem to sound as accurate compared to analog camcorders, this could be either a difference in the built in microphones, the way digital audio is recorded, or analog is just more accurate and natural than digital audio. I wound need some side by side EVP voice comparisons to verify this.
EVP 4 audio. In this clip you can hear us walking down the stairs with the female owner of the house speaking. At the end of the clip you can hear a female EVP voice briefly speak.

August 1 2009 follow up

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