Mineral Springs Field Investigation
Mineral Springs Hotel Investigation, 7/19/14
GPS   38.889844,-90.181968

Before Going over the footage I would like to cover several things that happened, and some observations.
The first thing is what happened in the hallway outside William's Garage behind the mens pool area.
Three of us were in this hallway when everyone heard a growling sound. Whats irritating is what happened next. I had the night-shot camcorder running during this event, but for reasons unknown the camera shut down seconds before this happened. The camcorder didn't run out of battery power, or tape, it just shut down on its own moments before this happened.
The other observation was the number of battery failures during the night. Even fresh 9V batteries failed immediately after loading them into the equipment.

The first clip was recorded just before dark in the Ballroom.
Ballroom EVP. Just after I say, "Oh yes it dose" an EVP voice was captured, Mike comments on the fact that he actually heard it. The Ballroom is strong on EVP activity, I suspect the Koi fish fountain down the hallway is producing high levels of white noise that is being manipulated into human voices.
The following footage was captured behind the men's pool area in the hallway just outside William's Garage.
"Yes" EVP. At the very end you can hear a knocking sound followed by a voice saying "Yes" (it's at the 11 second point).
Weird Sound. Starting at the 5 second point, a strange sound begins and is audible until the end of the clip.
"Get Out!" EVP. In the very first second a male voice saying "Get out" is heard.
EVP B. This one is hard to hear -- just after I finish speaking at the 2 second point, a male voice is briefly heard; I can't distinguish any words.
Walking In Empty Hallway. I love this one -- you can hear something walking around on the wooden floorboards with weird sounds, ending in an exhaling sound.
Exhaling Sound. At the 7 second point a loud exhaling sound can be heard.
Knocking Sound. These were weird -- some were in the hallway, unheard by people in the adjacent William's Garage room, and from the hallway I couldn't hear most of the ones that they did. This clip was unusual because it was heard by people in both the hallway and William's Garage.
All of the following clips were captured on the top floor at the end of the hallway between 2am and 4am.
The first group of clips was recorded during an EVP session using Ken's P-SB7 Ghost Voice Box. It works by sweeping through radio frequencies at high speed, not stopping to capture the actual station. This is experimental equipment -- we still need to figure out what percentage of successfully answered questions represent actual paranormal communication, and not random chance. The results here are interesting.
Ghost Box. After Jeremy asks "How many spirits are on this floor right now?" the P-SB7 replies "Eleven". The question here is: what are the odds of hearing any numerical reply after this type of inquiry?
Which leads us to Clip 10,
Ghost Box B. This is one of the most complicated EVP I have ever captured. If you listen to it carefully, when the question is asked, "Who is the President right now?", even before he finishes the question at the 2 second point, the name "Obama" is spoken. What's strange is no one in the room noticed it. Then at the 4 second point it says "Franklin" (not our current president, but in its time Franklin D Roosevelt might have been the sitting president) followed at the 6 second point, where it says "Obama" a second time -- which they did notice. Now what are the odds about asking who the president is and receiving 3 replies within a 12 second clip? Odds anybody?
Odd Sound. During the EVP ghost box session a strange breathy sound was captured at the 4 second point. No one seems to have heard this, and I don't think it came from the P-SB7.
Top Floor EVP. You can hear the P-SB7 running in the background, but at the 6 second point a female voice in distress is heard. No one commented on it at the time; there were 3 men on the floor, no women were present, and it doesn't sound like the voices that come from the P-SB7. Also it's very loud, as if coming from a source closer to the camera. The last two clips were recorded after everyone had gone downstairs, and this floor was unoccupied.
Shadow On Wall. Notice at the 7 second point just to the left of the doorway and center, a white shadow is moving along the walls. There is no one on this floor with a flashlight, and any automobile going by outside would easily be heard (also note that when cars did pass by over the two hours this tape was running, you never saw a headlight or reflection coming into the hallway through a front window.)
Dragged Across Floor. This was recorded shortly before we left for the night near 4am. Again no one is on this floor, yet it sounds like a chair is being dragged across the floor.

Resource Page was furnished by the manager of Mineral Springs. It had a list of suspected ghosts haunting the building, and peoples personal experiences with them.
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