Long Banta House Investigation
April 27 2014
After concluding our investigation of the Austin Lucas Store we relocated the
Equipment to the Long Banta Home.
The first area we checked out was the very small cellar.

In the first clip
Cellar EVP the other investigator i'm with is using a piece of equipment that is making the odd background sounds. At the 1-2 second point a human like female voice is heard. The big question is the equipment making this sound thats being confused as a human voice? Or is something manipulating the equipments sounds into producing a human voice?
We move upstairs to the attic next.
In the second clip
Attic EVP just two of us were in the attic room. While were setting up our equipment, not speaking a word, but making lots of background noise, a human voice is heard 5 to 7 seconds into the clip.
The third clip
Door Slam was recorded while were still in the attic. We heard a door loudly slam.
We thought it was someone going out the front door, but the investigators on the floor below said it wasn't the front door, the people who were leaving had already left and that this sound was coming from somewhere upstairs.
In the last clip,
Hallway Motion Sensor was recorded around 3:30am after everyone except 3 of us had left. A motion sensor out in the hallway monitoring the stairway was triggered. I went out into the hallway to see if someone had entered the building but no one was there.

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