Joplin/Carthage Ghost Tours
Southwest Missouri Haunted History-Walking Ghost Tours

Three historic haunted locations in 15 mile radius. Daytime and evening tours available by appointment. Friday and Saturday night tours and paranormal investigations.

Kendrick House 1849 - Carthage, Missouri

Oldest house in area, Civil War Field Hospital, lynching, Antebellum living.

Shadow people roam the halls, ghost children play and giggle, Civil War soldiers linger on the operating table, mists and light spheres float through the house, audible voices are heard. Past residents from 135 years are encountered.(As seen on "My Ghost Story...Caught On Camera on BIO Channel)

Burlingame & Chaffee Opera House-Carthage, Missouri

Site of Civil War battles, murder and more.

The little girl in white calls for the living to "wait", calls for her mother. The small boy plays pranks while the older woman watches over him. Cannon and musket fire is heard and apparitions of a Victorian couple dressed for the opera startle people.

Webb City Library.

John Wise House in Joplin.
John Wise moved to Joplin in 1874 to open a hide and grain
business. He quickly realized that money could be made in mining and soon joined forces with Thomas Connor to operate lead mines. He also owned three thousand acres of land in Oklahoma, where he invested in coal mining and cattle and horse ranching. Wise helped organize a miner's bank and served on the city council. In 1898, he commissioned a fanciful Queen Anne style house.

Built for $10, 000, the home featured round towers, balconies and stained glass windows. In 1920, Mrs. Wise convinced her husband that their house would make a good residential facility for the YWCA. Although the YMCA had a fine building on east Fourth Street, the women's organization had yet to find a suitable home. Instead, it shuffled between various old houses and vacant upper floors in downtown buildings. In 1920, a group of businessmen raised funds to purchase the Wise house for $15, 000 and spent another $13, 000 to remodel and furnish it. The new YWCA opened as a boarding house for girls who came to Joplin to work. The facility lodged up to forty girls. The young women had to walk a few blocks to eat their meals at the YWCA cafeteria at 514 1/2 Joplin Street.

The John Wise House. Do events from its past as a private home, YWCA boarding home and a bed-and-breakfast replay within these walls? The house later passed back to private hands and, in recent years, was turned into the John Wise Bed and Breakfast Inn. Disembodied voices and footsteps have been heard, plus shadow movement and light anomalies. This is not unusual for a house that has been lived in by a lot of people.

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Martin has published Civil War Ghost Stories of Southwest Missouri, Haunted Joplin, Missouri's Wicked Route 66, and Haunted Carthage, Missouri.  Much like the Haunted History Tours, the books take readers on ghostly stories fused with local history.

Paranormal Science Lab is an investigation team based out of Carthage, MO. They serve the entire Missouri, southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma, and northwest Arkansas areas. Paranormal Science Lab conducts research at a variety of locations, including private residences, commercial buildings, and historical sites. They emphasize on scientific method, empirical research and data, and analyzing that data in the context of the factual history and events associated with a particular location.
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