Diamonds Restaurant Investigation 3/23/13
Tri County Truck Stop Field Investigation

This location yet again proves to be a gold mine of activity. I will start with the photos. In the first
Photo 1147 you will see nothing but the view from the main cellar room looking into the smaller side room with the overhead light. Notice what shows up in the next photo, 1148. Look into the darkness of that side room to the left. There is a White Figure in the distance. I did not know what to make of this, so I did a Zoom-in with an increase in brightness for a better look. There should be nothing at all where this white figure is located to the left of the stairway.

I have noticed a pattern over the years - we have been taking photos down in the cellar, and we keep capturing activity in this small room and along that unfinished wall to the right of the stairsteps. It never looks the same in photos, or in exactly the same spot. Years ago I had a DSLR camera on a tripod programmed to take one picture every 30 seconds. Some construction had been going on and debris was all over the floor. Between two of the
Frames of Pictures, something had disturbed a path in front of the camera in the same location where all these photos are being captured. The last photo was taken by Greg from the top floor looking down the back flight of stairs. This light I have no explanation for.

In the first video clip from the cellar, you can hear a
Crashing Sound overhead followed by debris falling from the ceiling. After this happened I ran upstairs to find out what happened. They all heard the sound but no one could account for what triggered it. Nothing fell over or had been moved. In the next clip an EVP voice can be heard saying "Help Me" again; this is a pattern with this site of someone calling for help. In the next clip I ask it to set off all the meters, which it does. Then one of the women acknowledges that they are all going off by saying yep. Listen carefully at the 25 second point - you can hear an EVP voice saying "YES"
I also have a
Short Version with just the YES EVP.

Thanks again to the PTF crew for another successful investigation.

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