Charbonier Monastery Ruins Investigations
This outdoor location for ghost hunting requires some good climbing skills. Its quite and isolated with activity thats easy to document, if you know what to look for.
The climb up the bluff is very steep, and parts of the trail take you right up to the edge of the cliff, use caution, there are no guard rails!
In the future I hope to return with someone fluent in French to see if EVP voices can be captured in  a
language spoken before English replaced it in the area.
Park Hours 4am to 10pm
Topo points of interest.
Native guardians were at 3848'53.15"N by 9023'22.35"W Cistern was at 3848'55.28"N by 9023'28.88"W Motion detector anomaly was at 3848'56.44"N by 9023'30.53"W "Blur man" point was at 3848'59.68"N by 9023'29.13"W
Pathway through woods to ruins
Investigations of Monastery Ruins
2005 stones thrown field investigation
2008 equipment manipulation investigation
November Male EVP 2005 Investigation
Bluff Ruins 09 Investigation
stone stairway to ruins
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Name: Ghosts & Haunts In Missouri