Charbonier Bluffs Ghost Hunt
This investigation was conducted in early November of 2005.
There were only 3 of us, Tom, Greg and myself for this investigation. We suspend our investigations before the bad weather of winter and the holidays begin, resuming field investigations in the spring.
During this investigation we experienced some very odd activity.
In clip We recorded a
Flash accompanied with an odd sound.
At first I though Tom had snapped a photo and that it was his cameras flash going off. Greg was looking in another direction and missed it, but Tom and I saw it. You can see Tom in this clip adjusting his tripod. When you look at this footage carefully you will notice that what is really going on is not a flash of light like a camera flash going off, but just the reverse, its pulsing dark!
The second
Clip is a larger image of this pulse. This video is strange, there is nothing being illuminated like a flashlight or camera would cause, its a winking out of light.
While walking along with the camcorder running we captured a
Male EVP Voice mumbling that none of us heard. All three of us were together, no one else was in the woods, I can't explain this voice. At this location the most common paranormal activity is hearing a thud sound like a heavy rock hitting the ground, and ground tremors. We have checked when these occur with websites documenting minor earth quakes and never found a correlation.
In the next clip you can hear movement in the woods, then something is seen
Moving Through The Woods from right to left.
Because of the trees you can't get a good look at what ever it was.
I can't rule out a large insect as the object, however that can't explain the sound in the woods.
The last footage is a
Slow-Motion version of the previous clip.

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