Haunted Mansion Ballwin, MO.
We seldom investigate sites that are this active. Human apparitions, objects moving, windows being smashed out, even the neighbors receive unwanted guests from this site in their homes, and one neighbor described slamming on the brakes of their car, after driving through 3 white apparitions on the road! If I had to list the 10 most haunted places in Missouri,  the Ballwin Haunted Mansion would be placed somewhere at the top end of that short list.
The first link below has the evidence we collected during our preliminary, and second investigation. The second link is from our third field investigation. Some of these paranormal photos are the finest we have ever captured!
Back Stairway Apparition Tom Halstead
Index of investigations of the Ballwin Haunted Mansion
Human Apparition Investigation
Stairway Ghost Investigation
Back Stairway Ghost Photo
Front Stairway Ghost Photo
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