Austin Milam-Lucas Store Potosi
Located at South Missouri St. & West Jefferson St.
This a true historic site, with ties to the Austin Family of Texas.
Its also the site of personal tragedy , with the suicide of Fred Flynn, shot through the heart after accusations of theft from the bank where he worked.
There are many unanswered questions. Why was there no suicide note? Why none of the stolen money was ever recovered? Why did he shoot himself through the heart, an odd method of suicide?
Just about every form of a traditional haunting has been documented here.
People have been physically touched, Cold Spots, Strange Lights, EVP voices, along with strange sounds. another common event here, people see a shadow figure looking into the suicide room from the hallway.
Austin Milam-Lucas Store
Paranormal investigations at this site
October 26 22018 Investigation HD Video
March 13 22018 Investigation HD Video
October 7 22017 Investigation HD Video
April 22 2017 Investigation HD Video
October 2016 Investigation HD Video
May 2 2015 Investigation HD Video
April 26 2014 Investigation
April 20 2013 Investigation
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Side Building
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