Anaconda Private Residence Investigation
Anaconda Private Residence Investigation -- November 18, 2006

Our group was contacted by home owners in the Anaconda, Missouri area, a small town just southwest of St. Clair, Missouri, to conduct a private investigation of their home and property and document the activity they have been experiencing.
These three clips were recorded in the basement during the lockdown period when no one was allowed in the home.  At the 1 second point, watch the upper left side of the clip for a brief pulse of light. I can't find a natural explanation for this. This seems to be a common occurrence at haunted locations, quick flashes of light, seen both indoors and outside.
Clip 2 contains an odd sound. It almost sounds like something striking the camcorder, but I can't be certain. At several investigations I have experienced something playing with the camcorder. At the Lemp Mansion the camcorder would shut down for 15 minutes, and resume normal operation; at The Six Flags overnight investigation something was pressing the buttons on the camcorder, turning the built in light on.
Clip 3 contains a banging sound in the basement I can't account for (everyone is outside).

This investigation is fairly typical of an average private residence investigation - the level of activity is generally low and with just a few points of interest documented. Part of the reason for this is the average investigation is conducted over a single night, and the chances of capturing major activity over such a short period of time is small. Even the most active hauntings have nights devoid of activity.
Again I would like to thank everyone involved with this investigation!

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