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Ghosts & Haunts is a St. Louis based paranormal investigation and research group established in 1998. We continue to investigate private residences, businesses, and historic locations believed to be haunted in Missouri. The purpose is documentation with Infrared camcorders, cameras, voice recorders, Tri-field meters, thermal scanners, laser grids, motion sensors and other electronic devices. All evidence is posted, except for private residences, where the homeowners names and location are kept private; only the county where the home is located and the evidence collected are provided. I recommend you start with our drop down Field Investigation Results page where our database of video footage, audio EVP's, and paranormal photos collected and archived over years of field work are found. This also provides an accurate look at what occurs during investigations of real haunted sites..
If you are looking for specific haunted locations, you can find these by site name or city with our Haunted Places Database, or the Search Box; both will provide access to a massive database of haunted places in Missouri which has been compiled for over sixteen years. For anyone wanting to attend a ghost hunt yourself, please check out the Tours page. PTF sponsors excellent tours from March/April to November.
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